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Bush’s Pathetic Use of Pathos

I wrote a letter to the editor and sent it off to USA Today, the San Francisco Chronicle, the San Jose Mercury News, and The Metro using moveon.org’s PAC Letter to the Editor tool. I dont’ count on it getting published, mostly due to its length. Though I tried to trim it down a bit, this thing runs 388 words, far too long compared to most letters to the editor that I’ve seen published. Oh well; this is my first letter to any editors of print publications. I’m sure I’ll get better at crafting a more attractive letter in the future. Here we go…
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Special Election Coverage

The South Orange County Regional Chambers of Commerce has put together a list of the 65 petitions currently in circulation in California. Only about 8 of them are to be voted on in November, 2005.

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has decided that a special election will be necessary. This special election is supposed to save Californians millions of dollars and is to be an election that couldn’t possibly be held off or rescheduled for a later date, like next year in the regular election cycle when finances have been set aside for such an election and wouldn’t present any more of a fiscal burden than normal. Schwarzenegger seems to take his task of fixing California’s fiscal crisis seriously, constantly drumming up the rhetoric of “cleaning house” in relation to his charge. He continues to hit on the need for cooperation in passing a balanced state budget and speaks of a refusal to bend to special interest groups.
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