IN WHICH I rant authoritatively on things about which I typically know very little

Move Along; Nothing To See Here

You’re better off going to my education blog, (http://www.toddseal.com/rodin/); this blog is suffering from lack of maintenance. I have, however, managed to update how I am filling my spare time and some items that are noteworthy, so have a look.

It’s been quite some time since I’ve written for this blog. For a while there, I was trying to write for at least 3 blogs at the same time, each of them devoted to a different area of interest. This blog was supposed to be the place I could post little bits of creative writing. I haven’t been doing that much (neither the writing nor the posting), so this blog has become obsolete. I won’t delete it though because, despite the incredible amount of comment spam I receive here every day, I have hopes that I will sometime come back to this space to start posting creative things (I’ve written a song or two since July and maybe I’ll post those here). In fact, composing this post gives me the idea that I should use this area again.

On The Front Page

I’m on the front page of two sites! Well, I was on Thursday, July 7, 2005.

I wrote another three-part series about the public education system over on Bayosphere (my first attempt at this is over on my education blog), staying up late into the night to pound out my thoughts on the keyboard. All three parts were initially in one post, but it was terribly long.

Dan Gillmor, formerly of San Jose Mercury News and now of Bayosphere fame, took note of my articles and put a teaser on the Bayosphere home page (link to the archived teaser). Additionally, School Information Systems must have seen my series and included links to all three parts on their site.

I don’t think I’ve ever been the “lead story” on two sites in one day. It’s strangely gratifying.

A Meme by Me?

I wonder if I can get a meme going, with somewhat of a “literacy” theme: Listening, Reading, and Watching…

First 5 Songs in Shuffle of Entire Music Library
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For You, Nathan

I went to an old friend’s funeral and memorial service on Friday. It was an odd experience. I haven’t spoken to Nate in over 10 years. I went to grammar school with him and knew him through Bethel Church’s youth groups throughout my jr. high and high school career. I used to go over to his house for Monday Night Football every week. We formed a “club” called CCA (Church Cutters Anonymous) that wasn’t a serious club, but we took our church cutting very seriously. Read more of “For You, Nathan

My Empathic iPod

While driving the other day (actually, this happened about 4 months ago), my thoughts weighed heavily and I found myself depressed. In general, I felt rather down about my life and various other things. The 2004 election hit me hard, as the realization that you are surrounded by idiots so often does, so that could have been a major contributing factor. Luckily for me, I kept some very scientific research about that day, specifically that drive and the role my iPod played in my emotional state. After analyzing the data closely, I’ve come to a startling realization, that I will share with you shortly. Just to preface this study, I have submitted this article for publication in the journal Science; keep your fingers crossed!
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Today Was Interesting

While eating breakfast, I am watching Today on NBC. This’s actually a crappy, fluffy morning show that I don’t care for. Usually, I turn on channel 11 to watch the news updates and sort of zone out the rest of the broadcast because I just haven’t gotten it through my head yet that I’m old enough that NPR is *really* what I want to be listening to. Still, Today ended up having two segments that caught my attention.
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Sanctity? They Don’t Know The Meaning…

Without going into the obvious rants about the Schiavo case, I want to hit on a few things that I’ve only heard mentioned a few times.
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Lebanese Women

So, I’ve read a few blog posts about attractive Lebanese women gracing the covers of magazines. They all miss the point. Wait while I drag out my soapbox and clear my throat…
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