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Sleek and Sexy

After reading a Bayoshpere article, I started to write a comment that took on a life of its own. It grew to something more sophisticated than a mere comment, yet too meager to claim “Article” status. And, because of some foolish phpMyAdmin rummaging by yours truely, I’ve had to recreate this entry based on my recollection of what I was thinking this afternoon. A shorter version of this idea appears elsewhere. I present the unedited (and reimagined) version here. Subject: iPod.
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Using Rodin?

The Set Up
You’ve just written a terrible blog post. It’s so bad that you don’t ever want the public to see it. You consider whether or not you should simply stop writing for fear of another creation like this word-ladden monstrosity, a verbal Frankenstein’s monster–only not as smart. You even eye the knives with a notion to chop off your–no, too extreme. It’s really bad, though. Your mother would blush and your best friend would be embarrassed to say she knows the author. It’s trash, really, and you want it gone forever, with not so much as a hint of it around. But you’re not using WordPress; you’re using Rodin, a small but functional CMS that worked perfectly for your little side project. So now what?
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Limit and Alternate

I just did a quick Google for “limit number of posts on home page wordpress” and came to Justin Blanton’s site. That is exactly what I wanted to do. And he’s right, it’s just that easy.

But to make it even more so, I’ll tell you exactly where to put that code on your page in WordPress 1.5. I actually took an educated guess and was right on the first try. That doesn’t happen very often, so I figured it was worth a post to celebrate. I’ll also include a semantic way to have alternating colors for your posts on the index page (doesn’t it sound so much better with the word “semantic” attached to it?). Here goes:
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Quicktag Modification

While I haven’t done a lot of modification to the default WordPress 1.5 install, there are a few things I’ve changed that I rather enjoy.

After looking at a Rambling Thought, I figured a way to make the “more” Quicktag even better. I left a comment about this on Neerav’s site; I can only assume that it’s awaiting moderation right now.
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