Who is Brian?

May 8th, 2005

I have no idea who this main character is. To be honest, I simply needed a name for him and Ron is someone that already exists in my stories (Ron has become my default male character name), so I chose a different name. Maybe this actually is Ron, though. I hope to find out in the next month.

INSPIRATION: We’ve all walked out of places with friends and said, “Did you see that guy with the red shirt!? What was HE thinking!!” Did you ever think that you are “that guy”? What if people think about you the same kinds of things you think about others? Maybe if you read this, you’ll see my point a bit better…

Written: 05.07.05

For 2 weeks after the party, every time Shelia had sex with her boyfriend she’d think of Brian. And every time Simon would wish for a date on Saturday night, for the next month he’d try to remember Brian’s phone number that he’d overhead recited to Kelly, who had a phone book of every guy’s nuymber by the end of the night. And every time Kelly laid in bed after the latest gu buckled his belt and was out the door, for the next 3 months she’d wish she had actually written down Brian’s phone number instead of faking it like usual. Of course, Brian knew none of this and masturbated to Shelia, Kelly, and – on rare occasion – Simon over the next year. Who knows what would have happened if they’d all gotten together that night?

But that night had come and gone. Shelia stayed in her phony relationship, Simon kept going out to Pink Lagoon dance hall hoping for Mr. Right, and Kelly kept up a level of insecutiry that necessitated her sleeping with every male that showed any hint of sensitivity. Meanwhile, Brian was imply lonely, like the vast majority of the population. He didn’t have any relationships he kept out of intertia, he wasn’t looking for something profound in mundane places, and he didn’t have any feelings of inadequacy to be momentarily replaced by casual sex. Brian simply wished for something more. Who doesn’t?

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